Welcome the first kitten!——Kilo
Kilo is always the center of attention, and now his pet tag confirms it too! ✨ This personalized pendant by @disontag is a real jewel: on the front it says 'Help me. Mom's favorite child.' 😸 But the real magic is on the back, where there is a QR code that reveals his name and our number if he gets lost. It's like his digital business card! 📱✨

DISONTAG allows you to choose between made templates or customize yours with the photo or graphics you prefer. It was super easy and the prices are great. Not only is it stylish, but it also gives us peace of mind knowing that Kilo is identifiable if he strays a little too far. 🏞️❤️

PS: We can't wait to share the custom photo we chose for Kilo! 😺


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